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Project Setup

#1 Creating a new Next.js app

Creating a new Next.js app
Julian Mayorga
Jamie Barton
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We'll begin by creating a new Next.js project using the create-next-app CLI tool. The Next.js app will power both our frontend, and GraphQL endpoint.

We'll name our application oneweekgraphql (or choose your own name), and pass the flag --ts to enable TypeScript.

At the command line, run the following:

npx create-next-app@latest oneweekgraphql --ts --use-npm

You'll be prompted to install the NPX command if you haven't ran it recently.

Next we'll "change directory" into our newly created project.

At the command line, run the following:

cd oneweekgraphql

We'll not be using any of the generated Next.js code for styles, or pages, so we can go ahead and remove any traces of those.

Inside pages/_app.tsx you will want to remove the import for the globals.css file.

Now inside of pages/index.tsx, replace the contexts with:

import type { NextPage } from "next";

const Home: NextPage = () => {
  return <h1>Hello world</h1>;

export default Home;

Since we're no longer using the imported styles, we can now delete the styles folder from the root of our project.

Finally, we'll create a folder for future components we'll use to build our storefront.

At the command line, run the following:

mkdir components