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#18 Add products to cart

Julian Mayorga
Jamie Barton
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Let's add a button so that users can add products to their shopping carts.

To achieve this, you will write a GraphQL document for the addItem mutation the backend provides. Then, regenerate types to autogenerate the corresponding React hook.

The last step will be adding a button to the ProductDetail component that calls the mutation when the user clicks it, with the appropriate product and cartId arguments.

Add to cart mutation

Create a new GraphQL file inside documents and call it AddToCart.graphql. It will import the Cart fragment, and spread it on the result of the addItem mutation.

# import Cart from "./CartFragment"

mutation addToCart($input: AddToCartInput!) {
  addItem(input: $input) {

Run npm run codegen to update types.ts with the associated mutation types and hooks.

Create "Add to cart" button

The cart detail page will have a button right below the product description that, when clicked, will add the current product to the shopping cart.

Users should see the new cart item quantity on the page's header and when they navigate to their cart, so you need to make sure to reflect the state of the cart after the action ends.

Import the generated GraphQL hook named useAddToCartMutation on ProductDetail.tsx, and call it on the top of the component. On the hook options, add a key called refetchQueries to refetch the getCart queyr once the mutation finishes.

Finally replace the div that wraps the product description with an html form element, call addToCart on that form's submit prop, and lastly add a submit button to trigger the function.

// ...
import { GetCartDocument, useAddToCartMutation } from "../types";
import { getCookie } from "cookies-next";

export function ProductDetail({ product }: { product: Product | null }) {
  const cartId = String(getCookie("cartId"));
  const [addToCart, { loading }] = useAddToCartMutation({
    refetchQueries: [GetCartDocument],

  // ...

  return (
    <main className="grid grid-cols-4 h-[700px]">
      {`// ...`}
        className="p-8 space-y-4"
        onSubmit={(e) => {
            variables: {
              input: {
                id: product.id,
                name: product.title,
                description: product.body,
                price: product.price,
                image: product.src,
        <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: product.body }} />
          className="px-6 py-4 bg-black rounded w-full text-white hover:bg-white hover:text-black border border-black uppercase"
          {loading ? "Adding to cart..." : "Add to cart"}

Now you should be able to add products to cart, try it out!